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RAL has developed research tools under the GCPtools brand to increase quality and compliance at the site/subject level.

An Introduction to the Practical Application of GCP: The key elements of GCP are covered in this interactive presentation however, the focus, is not to have participants remember the dates relevant to each GCP or ICH milestone, but to appreciate why the regulations are in place and to acknowledge that if the principles of ICH GCP are followed the result will be a clear benefit to their patients and to the clinical trials they may be involved in read more

Data Conversion 

Clinical trial specific Unit Converter (UNC) that is easy to use and freely available to RAL study sites.  UNC provides desktop conversion for height, weight, BMI, BSA, dose/BSA, volume, temperature and energy (nutrition) download

Protocol Visit Compliance 

The Appointment Calculator (APC) is a basic application that is easy to use and freely available to RAL study sites to assist with scheduling study visits and reminding study participants of key study dates, a particularly useful tool for longer term studies.

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