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With an ever increasing need for quality first-in-man and early phase research sites, New Zealand is now well served with three dedicated phase 1 units providing access to an established pool of healthy volunteers and patients.The units are well resourced with state of the art equipment and experienced research staff.

Bed capacity is typically 18 - 20 beds/unit.

The Units offer differing levels of therapeutic expertise (including Oncology) with the result being that it is highly likely that your phase 1 study requirements and recruitment timelines can be met in New Zealand by one (or more) of these sites.   

In support of the phase 1 sites, local services can provide data base & electronic data capture, statistical advice, formulation of study drug including matching placebo, central laboratory including pharmacokinetic analysis, pharmacovigilance and other areas of expertise that your project may require.

In addition to the above, a dedicated, comprehensive bioequivalence phase 1 unit is available. This unit, which is based in a University city, primarily works with generics and is capable of managing up to 60 volunteers at one time.

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